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Autonomous Robot mowing and mulching system

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Monday November 3, 2003 The Robomow is a fully automatic lawn mower designed to autonomously mow your lawn at the press of a button while you concentrate on more important weekend chores. The system creates a 'virtual fence' using a single low-voltage wire pegged around the perimeter of the lawn to ensure that Robomow stays within a defined area and an on-board navigation system determines the most efficient and effective cutting path. Not only is the autonomous electric system quiet - an on-board mulching system eliminates grass clippings and it's powerful enough to tackle the same mowing conditions as a traditional petrol-driven push-mower according to manufacturers Friendly Robotics. The onboard navigation system is used to monitor the unit's position relative to the wire around the lawn and includes a compass-like device that uses the magnetic field of the earth to determine the current driving direction and distance travelled. This information is then used to determine the most efficient method of mowing any given lawn. The Robomow is a cut-on-demand system (as opposed to "always-on" systems used by some other robotic mowers) meaning you choose when and how often to cut. Powered by maintenance free rechargeable batteries with no gas, no oil and no emissions and the initial set-up takes about an hour on the average property and the perimeter wire will disappear from sight ground in about two weeks. The Robomow has a 52cm cut and is capable of mowing approximately 500 meters squared of grass in a single session. Replacement of the battery power pack life every 2-3 years and annual blade replacement (plus the small electricity usage costs) are the Robomow's only running costs. Safety features include Sensor equipped bumpers, mower lift detection, child lock, captive blades and the triple chamber mulching chambers are designed with a high-level of safety in mind. Two models are available the RL550 costs AUD$1,899.00 (including GST) and the RL850 is cocst AUD$2,299.00 (including GST). Visit to learn more. [이 게시물은 로보맨님에 의해 2013-09-14 12:26:01 robo_갤러리에서 이동 됨] [이 게시물은 로보맨님에 의해 2013-09-15 12:26:45 갤러리에서 이동 됨]


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