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i-Cybie is an intelligent, interactive robotic cyber dog specifically designed to react and respond like a real dog. Made of 1,400 parts and over 90 feet of wire, Tiger's latest canine friend will happily wander around your house, greet you, wag his tail and give you his paw. The ideal pet for the 21st century, i-Cybie has all the love and entertainment of a real dog but without the fuss. He will happily perform and play for you, keeping you constantly entertained. With a choice of metallic blue or gold, streamlined body and legs, i-Cybie is the ultimate hi-tech hound with a fantastic personality. Displaying four main emotions, i-Cybie shows you when he is happy, sad, hyper or barking mad! His behaviour will reflect these changing moods. 16 motors drive i-Cybie's joints, giving him total flexibility and realistic movement. With smooth and slick manoeuvrability, i-Cybie has 14 doggie actions all activated by remote control, voice or sound commands. He will sit, beg, rollover, shake his head, act as a guard dog and even cock his leg up! His eyes will also reflect his mood with 6 different eye patterns, for example when he is hyper both eyes will be red! Advanced voice recognition technology allows i-Cybie to recognise your voice, he will respond to eight commands including 'Good Boy,' 'Bad dog,' 'Sit down,' 'Stay,' and 'Guard.' Clapping can also be used to command i-Cybie. Special sequences of 8 claps are included with your i-Cybie. When in trick mode there are 8 clap additional clap commands that tell i-Cybie to entertain you. Fully flexible and amazingly agile i-Cybie can perform a number of different tricks and acrobatic movements. Marvel as he does a headstand, falls back into a crab position, dances, wags his tail, gives paw and scratches his ear. He's a real show-off! A clever canine, i-Cybie has a series of intelligent sensors that allow him to react to sound, light, touch and his physical surroundings. Watch him rub his head into his owner's hands when his head is patted! He is able to stand up if he falls over, avoid walls, the edges of tables and other elevated surfaces. Watch him navigate a route, avoiding obstacles in his way! To make i-Cybie perform simply press the correct sensor command button. These are located on different parts of his body, his head button tells i-Cybie to listen, his orientation/balance sensor tells him he has fallen over and his back button tells i-Cybie to sit or stay. And, he is so smart that when his batteries are running low, he'll let owners know! i-Cybie's is available now from all good gadget shops and retailers, although please be aware that there is limited stock in the UK market place. Related Links i-Cybie`s homepage http://www.i-cybie.com Tigertoys website http://www.tigertoys.com [이 게시물은 로보맨님에 의해 2013-09-14 12:23:06 robo_갤러리에서 이동 됨] [이 게시물은 로보맨님에 의해 2013-09-15 12:26:45 갤러리에서 이동 됨]



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